Foxhole (Live) Lyrics


Television - Foxhole (Live) Lyrics

Soldier boy stands at a full salute.
He wants your orders to execute.
Send him out ? 'neath the screaming red lights
In a narrow ditch for the funny fights.
Foxhole, foxhole too much danger
Where's my guardian angel ? oh no
You show me the war, I don't know what for.
You show me the war but the war 's such a bore.
In the line of duty, in the line of fire
A heartless heart is my proper attire.
The flashing sword has been explored
The perfect slice ? perfect slice of life.
I feel the shells hit ? Moonlight web
Goodbye arms, so long, head.
No more danger
Hello guardian angel.
Pin me down, go ahead it's a cinch
You pin me down, you'll feel the pinch
I was trained for fights
Foxhole, foxhole
Foxhole, foxhole.

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