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N.A.S.A. - Intro Lyrics

Some of You Mutha Fuckas Know Me
Ya Say Thats Joe Bruce My Neighborhood Homie
Tryna Come Up Tryna Be a Rap Star
But His Basement Tapes Aint Goin Far
I Aint Tryna Be Famous
I Aint Tryna Be Rich
All Im Tryna do Is Dip My Dick in Your Bitch
See Me At the Dark Rim Shootin Hoops
Or At Home Takin Beats From the Lifers Groupe
Yea I'm Jackin Beats I Aint Afraid to Say
Them Them Mutha Fuckas Rottin in Jail Anyfuckinway
But I Dont Need to Hear U Say It
Ya Dont Like My Shit Than Dont Fuckin Play It
"Eh Yo J Yer Tape Is Weak"
Now Yer Eyes Swelled Shut and Yer Missin Teeth
I Aint a Super Star, so Get the Fuck Off My Nut Sack

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