Stars And Stripes Lyrics


KMFDM - Stars And Stripes Lyrics

A tyrant is a man who allows his people no freedom
who is puffed-up by pride
driven by the lust of power
impelled by greed
provoked by thirst for fame
Divided and conquered
gripped by fear
wishful thinking that it can't happen hear
it's well underways but nobody knows
a repeat of history
that's how it goes
Tell the people that they're under attack
by man-eating foes from mars or iraq
mobilize outrage
muzzle dissent
send in the troops
strike the pre-empt
Stars & stripes
learn how to fight
we come together by the dawn of the light
oh so proudly we hail as the rockets red glare
stars & stripes
Control the airwaves
fuel the reaction
use every weapon of mass-distraction
turn active people into passive consumers
feed 'em bogus polls and harebrained rumours
Cut back civil rights
make no mistake
tell 'em homeland security is now at stake
whip up a frenzy keep 'em suspended
don't let 'em know that their liberty's ended
Everything goes in the desperate states
the veneer of democracy rapidly fades
wreak total havoc on all opposition
in any event fulfill your mission
Totalitarian media sensation
you will give 'em domination
never mind they call you a liar and thief
by now you're undisputed commander-in-chief

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