The Commitment Lyrics


Sabac - The Commitment Lyrics

The militant?s back, I took time for transition
I made it past the decline of Non Phixion
I?m a warrior hunting for change
Mainstream?s overrated man, fuck the fame
I?m for the people from all walks of life
Specifically poor people who are forced to fight
You think I?m soft and light because I work with the youth?
Some of these kids I work with be the first to shoot
They?re iller than you, in the streets killing the blues
I teach them one step at a time, they?re filling our shoes
It?s the rules of a leader, trouble and pain
In pursuit of a teacher who struggled and gained
We go from pimps to prophets, liars to logic
Zoo to drug abusers, survivors of the projects
My mind sets to clarity, predicting me well
A sign past the tragedy, commitment to self

I will live my life full of conscious
I?ll be the god amongst monsters
I?ll exercise more often
I?ll walk my talk and keep talking

I will read more books
But won?t judge a cover based on how it looks
I will choose love not fear
And make sure my commitment stays alive this year

I will choose to eat more healthy
And won?t believe everything you tell me
I treat women with respect
And be proactive and strive for the best

I will start to drink more water
And not spend when I can?t afford to
I?ll make my message clearer
I?ll make sure my commitment goes past this year

I will

In the midst of the risk we became better people
Life is a movie, I?m a change the sequel
We owe it to ourselves, evolve out of Hell
Even for my folks behind bars in the cell
Stay well, it?s still a challenge
Reflect upon greatness, embrace it to your balance
Ultimate awareness comes from when you seek the truth
See, life is a journey, plans and patience
Know that you?re worthy, transformation
Manifestation of creation as we know it
Red?ll rip redundant abomination of culprits
The life they giving you is all subliminal
Now we must commit and take back our principles
Turn hate to satisfaction, anger into action
Greed into giving and passive into passion

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