Unmerciful Order Lyrics


Krisiun - Unmerciful Order Lyrics

A strange force take my soul
I can see throught the wall
spirits run throught my hands
awake from my death
now I do know my real being

Evil is the hand path
my beginning is the end
my peace is anguish
real nightmare rising
death feeling, fear feeling
I'll emanate all pain

Angels of hell follow my flame
spittin' blood all over your head
everybody crawls throught the fire
nothing left to live
hell will conquer

I can't deny my fate
when the victory comes
I'll be the king, Lord of all evil
I knew the prophecy, I knew the pain

Slaves of disease, piled on, human suffer
the bird of prey eat this flesh
the rain turns into blood
all the dead become alive
all the water become fire
endless nightmare
hell has made our time

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