Towards The Sun Lyrics

Fleshgod Apocalypse

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Towards The Sun Lyrics

The draining path of existence
With all our burdens to bring
As fathers dream in frustration
The sons slowly've drowned in disease
Is this reflection of sorrow that brings us all down to the hole?
Is this fulfillment of hollow that sadly is emptying our souls?
So we spread our wings like falcons
But we are too tied to this earth
Locked in this fortress of treason we wait
The coming of the glorious day
Shall we be ready to face this?
Or will we turn on the other side?
When time will come for us to spread those wings
And start moving out limbs to fly!

Towards the sun!
I see the splendor of the light again
Show me father the secrets of flight!
Swear it now, you will let me soar

Thrown in the void and carried by fate
I'd rather fall than standing enslaved
Looking down at the vastness of sea
Mesmerized by water reflecting me
And our souls forever lost
Now will reach the stars and deliver us
>From Poseidon, the God of the Sea
This unfolding release confears immortality

Rush of deliverance, from those who wanna seize
Outrageous irreverence, to those who wanna lead

I cut through the air, carried by dreams
I'd rather fall than closing my wings
Looking up at the greatness of sky
Left behind the labyrinth of compromise
And my soul forever gone, Now it flies too far
And will stand before
Mighty Helios, the God of the Sun
The unmerciful one, I'm burning forevermore!

Gone too far
Falling down from your dream
Your wings' burning on the sun
All your deeds they'll be sung like a warning for the world to see

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