Source Field Lyrics

Born Of Osiris

Born Of Osiris - Source Field Lyrics

Do my sense deceive me
obstructing the wavelengths
forward motion is rising
to find what is sacred
have I entered a new life
an extension of my own perception
can I retreat from this panic
from this tension
or welcome the great unknown

awaken awaken into greatness
not afraid to be in this space
awaken awaken into greatness
manifest creation

we're home from the other side
and now we know
the mystery was found, enlightenment
we were chosen to show you
you were destined to become unnumbered

they will try to persuade you
and slowly destroy ones integrity
they might as well take you
to killing fields
and throw you away
you look back, you risk it all
don't stray from enlightenment
stray from the darkness
come into the light
come into the light again

now your senses receiving
constructing the wavelengths
the signals are seeking
we know what is sacred

we know this is constant
aware of the source field

alive in this form we venture
together in the great unknown
stronger than ever
arrive at the center
of the great unknown

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