The Odd Couple Lyrics


Weezer - The Odd Couple Lyrics

Humpty Hump
Good googily goo
Look what the cat dragged in
The mack's back in, we snap-crack in
We got the jokes for you
Uh, look who the Hump bumped into
The old one-two, rhyme sayer, the paper maker
Biz lay the vapours
Biz Markie
I'm the vapour sprayer for the himilayas
The M-iza A-ya R-iza K-aya
I'm the mayor
Leavin' emcees in a ditch
Humpty Hump
So get ready, we 'bout to start a fight in this bitch
Biz Markie
Humpty dumpty had a fight with his moms
He broke both her legs and both of her arms
Tidy Bowl Man tried to throw a fit
I told his punk ass he was full of Shhhh...
Humpty Hump
Shut your mouth biz
See you're allways trying to take it further
I heard you bit a burger, with a funky worm in it
well you had to play stupid 'cause you didn't clear the sample
and lordy lord, got you pushing hot dogs
Biz Markie
Tupac was the only one that was living large
And Humpty your nose is a two-car garage
I know you got sooooul
I heard you don't eat pussy you be eatin' booty hole
Humpty Hump
No my nose be in the booty, my tounge be in her vertical smile
I heard your sister had sex with Colin Powell
Biz Markie
Your moms don't brush her teeth
I heard her breath was strong
Humpty Hump
Yo you wrong
Why can't we just get along
Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends
Why can't we just get along
Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends
The odd couple
Biz Markie
The city so nice, they had to name it twice
New York, New York, the land of lights
We got the fashion, the widget, the project ditches
The Apollo, the Broadway, The Garden, the Pictures
Humpty Hump
So We got the palm trees, Gs being Hollywood swingin' large
Cars around the block with the stars on the sidewalk
Every stop lights a show case, not lexuses
Brothers in Hummers following other friends in Benzesus
Biz Markie
Ya, that's cool, Y'all doin' your thing
But look what they did to that man Rodney King
They beat him, and stomped him, like a bunch of grapes
when I seen him he looked like the Planet of the Apes
Humpty Hump
Ya you right, police don't act tight but in the riots yo
California niggas wasn't scared to go
at poh poh
Biz Markie
So yo, I'll take you down like Mavis
Every Burrough is Thurough, don't forget Larry Davis
Both, trading lines, Humpty is first
We got Dre and Quincy Jones, homes
Primo and Puff, Hump
Easy E and Tupac nigga
Scott La Rock and Biggie nigga
Brooklyn Bridge
Golden Gate, plus Huey Newton
Malcom X
You got rats
Earth quakes
Well at least you'll never catch me wearing wigs in my videos
Oh, you don't have to go there, with your big, plastic nose
What about your big ass head
What about your buck ass teeth
Your moms so black, I looked at her and thought that i was asleep
Your nasty ass moms gave me ear infection over the phone
Come on man, why we can't get along
Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends
Why can't we just get along
Why can't we be friends, why can't we be friends
The odd couple

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