Souvenir Lyrics


Agesandages - Souvenir Lyrics

Share any advice for those of us left yet to decide
On any outcome, we could commit if there were good
Reason for it
And when it matters, promise you this:
Never to wonder, pine or regret.
This is our answer

Sleeves down to my calves, came for resolve, too proud to ask
And words tucked at our side for all who have ears
And feel so inclined
And in the hour, we will project
All within earshot know what we meant
This is our answer
How far should I go when I’m following you
When I’m following you, how should I go?
And what words should I use when I’m wondering how
When I’m wondering how, how should I go?

Feet out of the sand, make any point, do what you can
And with a fervor, we’ll build a case
Everyone listening, hear what we say,
This is our answer:

Brace yourself for the hour

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