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Noel Gourdin

Noel Gourdin - Reach Lyrics

(*Kadis & Sean; Ezekiel "Zeke" Lewis; Balewa Muhammad; Candice Nelson; Patrick "J. Que" Smith; T.O.)
My baby got her eye set on*
A diamond set, necklace, braclet
At Figarora
And I'm gonna get it for her
One day I will
But today I'm the wrong color collar
And it's out of my reach
But with your love it won't be long
Stick with me you keep me strong
But for now it's cubic Z
I'll get you everything you dream

I'm a stretch out my arms
Girl I'll reach
Just to give what you need
So stick with me (stick with me)
Stick with me
One day you'll meet the man that I'm gonna be
Maybe if I reach
Maybe if I reach
Maybe if I reach
Maybe if I reach
Stick with me
Stick with me
Cause you can't have and hold what you want
Unless you reach
Reach (reach)
Reach (reach)
Reach (reach)
You gotta reach
Baby stretch out your arms and reach
Now we set up for the week
We got some food to eat
Neat spot, car wash, I got you covered
As long as we got each other
All out I'll go
Girl I know it won't be long
But the fly shit is out of my reach
I drop a note on some shoes
Or bag
Bring home some steaks
And put on smooth jazz
Eat a exotic cuisine
Your plate is always full with me

And I know it ain't always been easy girl
One day we'll
Sit back (sit back)
And laugh (and laugh)
When we think of all the tough times
We had
And honestly there's no where else I'd rather be
And I'm so glad to see
You stuck it out with me

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