Got Caught Lyrics


MU330 - Got Caught Lyrics

Well I got caught
Messing with things I shouldn't have
Well how was I supposed to know
You wouldn't be late

As far as I
Am concerned I pulled my heart
Back when you see nothing about how I fell

When I was down you were the one I wanted
When I was down you were the one I needed

I shoulda been lenient
And . for your feelings

I shoulda been lenient
And . for your feelings

Now I'm sorry for the time I spent
... not by your side


Well I got cought
Because I thought you'd understand
I would hate to think all this pain was playing

And in the end
Once again you have my heart
Back where you feel nothing how I feel woah

Well let me ... contain my feelings
I could ...

Woah Woah-oh

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