Madness Lyrics

María Mena

María Mena - Madness Lyrics

In love I watched you change into a man
mirrored in my skin you looked your best
and I would rather you stay innocent
than you discovering who I really am

I would have worn a warning
if I knew what was wrong
but you discovered layers
that I knew nothing of

convinced that you could save me
took years to see the truth
that it had been imprinted
set, in rock stubborn youth

There's a certain kind of madness
that just cannot be explained
under sympathetic sadness
beastly anger left untamed

There's a certain kind of pleasure
in seeing lovers squirm like snakes
that's how easily I measure,
just how much me you can take

I really tried to tell you
run away whilst free
while I try to uncover
what's really haunting me

Head rush while bobbing under
mouth open, bended knees
it's true what people tell you
about the apple and the tree

Did you consider leaving
when you saw her in me?
took it as charm, intriguing
Until I let you see that

There's a certain kind of lover
makes you question who you are
makes you hand over your powers
leave a bulging heart-shaped scar

There are certain kind of memories
that I don't know where to place
cannot shake, cannot pretend that
these are things I can erase

I do not understand you
though grateful for your love
the demon is an old friend
you cannot free me of

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