Nothing Matters Anymore Lyrics


Showbread - Nothing Matters Anymore Lyrics

After all of this we've been dismissed by those who prefer to eat dirt
We've been gladly exempt we are racked with contempt
And we happily wish you this hurt
My skull is on fire with barbs and black spires
My synapses shriek in the flames
Yet we reel with desire though chocked by coarse wire
We've been loosed by our raging disdain

I'm gone, God help me I'm done
Nothing can stop me, I'm done

No fear no doubt I've bottomed out I've lost myself I'm letting go
No pride no me I've set them free I've lost my mind and now I know
No pain no death they're put to rest we leave them here we close the door
No earth no man, now take my hand nothing matters anymore

Oh the stage that we soil, the plans that we foil
The joke that we play on the world
And you drown in the oil, all wrapped up in the coils
Crushed under the stones that you've hurled
Still we march through the tombs through the darkness and gloom
And we shatter the columns of bone
And the world she breaks for the lives that she takes
She weeps as she dies all alone

The world is a husk to be peeled back and torn
My body a shell that now breaks
How I long to escape from the chains that I've worn
And hasten my greatest escape
And when I breathe my very last
Don't she'd a tear for me
Discard the body that once was my prison
For I'll have been set free

And when the trumpets call us home and I am no longer bedded by pain
Our tears will be forever dried for the author of life knows my name
So we trample the hoards of the pointless and blank
We will die for the truth in our hearts
No force that exists will steal us from his hands
Nothing will tear us apart

Though the mirror is dull, the reflection obscured we look beyond the obtuse
And the world weighs down, beating us to the ground
But her efforts are of little use
The annointed one has purchased our souls death is battered and lifeless before me
The truth rains down for the children of Christ and the truth has set us free
And through it all we rise when we fall
Though the road grows more narrow before me
Though we ache though we cry never break, never die
The one truth there is sets us free

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