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Aer - What You Need Lyrics

Yeah I'd like to take this time to remind you to look outside
Take what you need
Take what you need

Open up my eyes in the morning
Now i'm sitting up, grinning with a little yawning
Birds chirping outside
Butterflies flying by
I know it's gonna be a bright, nice day
People who live in the city are gettin gritty and not paying attention to their emissions and carbon footprint
And global cooking, give it a look not anything til we shook, cut up and then what?
Yeah, shut up to end stuff, yeah shunners incent us, yeah
Cut up and then what? yeah we be cut up and then what?

The breeze can't tickle the trees ya see?
When a clear cut, fiends and uppercuts the air we breathe
Gonna rock the world like a stampede
Sign away our peace just stamp here, the clamps near
Endangered list growing
The money stays owing
The automobile polluting the air thats blowing
We happy not knowing so we're never gonna know
It's only bout being flashy head to toe
But the signs, are heading south
Demise in every mouth
I'll survive but the kids need help
So ride outside get your soul felt

Now we know for certain
It's time to put the work in
Lets make the world worth it
I wanna wake up

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