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Possessed - Death Metal Lyrics

Arise from the dead
Attack from the grave
The killing won't stop 'til first light
We'll bring you to hell
Because we want to enslave
Your soul will be frozen with fright
We'll break through the crust
Leave from our crypts
Protected by eternal life
Lay down the laws
From our satanic scripts
Bringing you nothing but strife

Death Metal
Death Metal

Ruling your cities
Controlling your towns
Entrapped in your worst nightmare
Piercing your ears
With a horrible sound
Casting my elusive stare
Lucifer laughs
His needs are fulfilled
The flames are now burning hot
Bodies are burning
The people are killed
Torture the reason we fought

Death Metal
Death Metal

Kill them pigs

Solo: Mike

Now we take over
And rule by Death Metal
Enjoy our long-waited reign
Blood's what we want
And we won't settle
Until we drive you insane
Attacking the young,
Killing the old
Bleeding with every heartbeat
Darkness has fallen
And your soul is sold
Claws will dig into your meat
When the sun doesn't rise
And the day is like night
Know that your life is at its end
Rendered helpless
So scream out in fright
Death Metal came in the wind

Death Metal
Death Metal

Solo: Mike

All songs (c) 1985 Einstein Music/ASCAP

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