Drown In Ashes Lyrics

Celtic Frost

Celtic Frost - Drown In Ashes Lyrics

I drown in ashes you've enshrined.
Of blissful days long gone by.
Concealed behind my dying eyes.
This hell of anger and weary lies.
A frame of mind, a dismal soul.
My final womb, this flesh turned cold.
You held me down and let me bleed.
My love, it died, along with me.
A world of scars and caresses pale.
And thoughts as chaste as pristine dew.
And flowers placed across your face.
I trace the life I've lost with you.
This bleakest pit that you've unveiled.
I hate to love as it is pain.
My hands are cut but I still sail.
An ocean of sadness in the rain.
My flesh, my blood.
My wound, my cry.
My broken back, my all now dies.
My soul, my tomb.
My pain, my joy.
My darkest mind, my love destroyed.

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