Danger Lyrics

Twin Forks

Twin Forks - Danger Lyrics

Way past the last lighted sign
High-beams burning through the black dead of night
A boy is out picking on those last few strings
That's enough to make a few calls ring

Turn up the AM for a spell
Somebody shouting that the world's going to hell
I know things ain't sitting right
But I've been gone and I'm coming home tonight

Get home safe now There's danger, danger at every turn

East to nothing, north to nowhere
A hundred miles from being halfway there
Look up at that slow and pretty moon
Soon enough I'll be back home with you

You said, "Get home, get home safe now,
Come home back to me tonight.
I'll be here and I'll be waiting,
For you to leave that dangerous line."

Get home safe now There's danger, danger, danger, danger at every turn
Danger, danger, danger, danger, danger at every turn

A ticking clock knows what I don't
Lines on my face say what I won't
Rusty joints ain't slowing me down
Miles to go before we're done

Get home safe now There's danger, danger, danger, danger at every turn

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