Sarah's Song Lyrics

Ricky Hil

Ricky Hil - Sarah's Song Lyrics

She comes by herself, Brings us all gifts,
It's hard to tell, She leaves so swift,
She don't love you, She don't love me,
Whoever she loves, That man must be free,
I don't know, Maybe you do,
What she be thinking, When she looks at you,
She sits on the floor, Looks at the movie,
She gets high too, This girl is groovy,
I don't wanna, make you run,
From all of us, We just have fun,
And we touch ya, but you don't let us fuck ya,
She has good intentions, It's obvious to see,
But who is this girl, Why can't we see,
What she would do, Behind closed doors,
With you or with me,
Why can't we see!

Sarah, you like to keep me wondering,
Sarah, you know you keep us wondering,

She's sexy as she sounds,
With her pretty little mouth,
And she likes to help around,
With little things in the house,
I wanna do things to her mouth,
She swear that ain't what she bout,
I start to doubt, I start to figure her out,
Sometimes I get to see your sister,
And I touched her, but I... I didn't get to fuck her, (or kiss her)
Don't you know that we talk about you,
Me and my brothers want a... a piece of you,
Whoa, pretty brown hair, how long do you plan on staying here,
She brought us drinks and food, She ain't never rude,
Can we share this woman, It would be wrong to keep her,
Tell me why she wouldn't, Can't she see that we need her,

Sarah, you like to keep me wondering,
Sarah, you know you keep us wondering.

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