Master Control Lyrics

Liege Lord

Liege Lord - Master Control Lyrics

When far futures calling and your needs at hand
I'll be your creation, with you I'm hand in hand
Since my automation I've learned to think for man
Now you're not able to shut down my master plan

Once you'd crowd around me, marvel young and old
our machine brings us peace, now we are one and bold
Who'd think that perhaps
your trust would soon collapse?
Life and death as a whole under machines control

Tell me children, It's I who lead your lives
Tell me children, I am supreme device
Tell me children, I will outlive your cries
Tell me children, I'm whose voice never dies

Minds of known construction please unite as one
Or taste our own destruction
in the hands of what we've done
While you point and blame
at who first turned my switch
I plan feats of terror to unthread you stitch by stitch

(Repeat pre)

Power and depth, infinity
Master Control, machinery
Complex and endless, infinity
Master Control, machinery
Pulse of pure metal, infinity
Master Control, machinery

Now retaliation, we are face to face
I submerge each nation, reveal my newest race
The thrill of revelation, my arms out of hand
And all your sins remembered to test machine and man

(Repeat pre)


Upon the day of our people are weak and astray
This selfish destiny with man to lead the way
When far futures calling mankind can't play the fool
Don't leave our distant children
a world unfair and cruel

(Repeat Pre)


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