Wonderin' Why Lyrics


Aer - Wonderin' Why Lyrics

: Sunny
Wonderin' why
She caught me by the eye
Movin' and pursuin' while she with
Another man
I'll never let it go
I hope nobody knows
I'mma keep my
Mouth closed (closed)

1: Reeves
Her favorite past-time is that fast kind
But I got to slow it down she still
Recovering from last time
Somehow we ended up, sun up, with that shine, bad movie style, it'll never end
My day consists of skirt chasin' women get baked go swimming, pushin' the
And I'mma go hard until the ground I'm in it (I'm in it)
We'll get faded, but this'll never fade away
Our game won't have to wait today, despite the clouds no rain delay

2: Reeves
She pushed me I fell right back upon my bed
She's bumpin' with my beat cuz her heads pressed against my chest
She likes the way I taste, says I'm a good kisser
Took every word right outta her mouth and rolled it up in a swisher

3: Sunny
We could bend the rules, I could teach ya things
You might regret it but I can do it better than him
Detaching strings I make her laugh and think
I should probably listen to the words he's singin'
Cuz you should leave him tonight
You bring your girls I got my guys
And we could stay at my place
It's right down that way
Feel her body move slow, tellin' me she wanna' go
It's another episode steppin' out in the cold
In the middle of the road, and I'm far from sober

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