I Have A Dream Lyrics

DJ Quicksilver

DJ Quicksilver - I Have A Dream Lyrics

Yeah... it's been a long time coming y'all...*
We dreamin' big... (it's the anthem)... it's Group 1
Yo since the first time this little boy picked up a mic
I've been dreaming for the day that you would hear it and like
Every word that I spit hoping you could relate
To every pain that I've been feeling since I came out the gate
Used to dream about making it a six-figure deal
To show this world that this life that I've been living is real
When I make it I'm gonna do everything that I've promised
By remaining honest and praise to my God I'll pay homage
Take my parents out the stress that they've known all they life
And pay all of their bills never gotta work till they die
No more asking for extensions to avoid late fees
And no more late nights crying by their bed on their knees
No buying food on credit cause we're lacking the funds
No more wondering where all of this money will come from
God will see me to the day when these words breathe life
And manifest the very faith that I continue to write

A young kid growing up it was hard to adapt
The world didn't love me so I started to rap it's cause...
I... I have a dream, I... I have a dream
Late nights all alone steady feeling confused
I took a look at my life ain't got nothing to lose it's cause...
I... I have a dream, I... I have a dream
A young girl growing up it was hard to adapt
I felt like every other girl was given life with a map
They seemed to know where they were going
I didn't know jack, I had to play it cool never let them see where I'm at
But baby girl got tired, and I would never see my daddy
All the boys were liars, and they were always getting at me
You see I tried hard to remove all the scars
But I could never see my dreams they were always too far
Dreams of being free dreams of being able to sing
I dreamt a man loved me cause I wasn't scared to be me
I saw a life where every woman had respect for herself
And every little girl would run and ask her mommy for help
I'm not afraid to write a song that exposes my pain
I lived my life backwards so when it poured it rained
But I got through the weather now I'm changing the game
And dreaming remains the source of everything we proclaim
A young buck only knee high
With thoughts of reaching the sky
Rocked ball caps but knew
My crown was a king size
A product of my father's labor
And my mother's reprise
To keep my eyes past the
Blue collar and live wise
I can't lie, I thought of what it would be like
If I compromise
Walk a lie
Spit death instead of life
Choose to cross the line
Keep a foot on both sides
But the dream is too large
For it to be hid inside
My kid's seeds will inherit daddies dreams
Daddies dreams of never having to hustle for the green
Or being a slave to mans work
Just to meet their needs
And mami and papi
Will reap the harvest of my deeds
I paint a path for a generation to come
No longer a peasant or slave
Your own kingdom
I scream freedom
And let it echo through the slums
Rise up pump your fist
And march to the pace of the drum

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