Coast (Live) Lyrics

Eliza Gilkyson

Eliza Gilkyson - Coast (Live) Lyrics

Think I'll go down to the Coast for awhile,
Find a little cabin by the Sea.
Think I need to be alone for awhile,
Find out what ever became of me.
Did you ever think that it would be like this?
Ah, the price you pay for lo-ove.
Now the price you pay for everything, Yea-ah.

Think I'll go out for a little drive,
Maybe I'll take the long way home.
I'm probably more than just a little high,
But I need some time to be alone.
I'm gonna find out what it means to me
Ah, to give it all up for love
To bet it all on what things seem to be, yea-ah.


Think I'll go down to the Sea for awhile,
Kick my shoes off in the sand.
Don't know what I'm gonna be for awhile,
Don't want to try to understand.
Did you ever think that it would feel like this
Ah, the price you pay for love
Yeah, the price you pay, willingly, Yea-ah
Ah-Oh, the price you pay, willingly.

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