Black Superman (Muhammad Ali) Lyrics

Johnny Wakelin & The Kinshasa Band

Johnny Wakelin & The Kinshasa Band - Black Superman (Muhammad Ali) Lyrics

East side long beach, blap blap...COB, circle of boss;s
its your boy Crooked, lets do it to em....

They call me Black superman
Black Rouger Man
Fast shootin hand
clap your brand new sedan
Im raps Luther Van
Got hoes throwin panties
Watch the flow blow as if I rap thru a fan, man
everybody knows from sets vargos to varios
that chrome shotty give your body holes
and I body hoes
last chick they tried to set me up
I squoze the tommy, mami adios
I'm a gangsta
vest and a chain
aint no questions wether
I'm destined to reign
wont rest till I'm the best in the game
me and kanye got somethin in common
you have to attach the west to the name crooked
give me mine or I'm gonna squab with critics
I never rock without my dodger fitted
me and DJ Skee in a level 3 benz brabus kitted
I'm a boss, who got a problem with it
I live it so I can spit it
poetic picture, oscar vivid
so when you that boxter dippin,
you know that a mobsters in it..
wait a minute, I'm above the Law
I aint a painter, but I love to draw
can I thug wid yall..

yea, yea
I'm black superman

blap blap COB, circle of boss;s

yeah nigga....
From this industry long beach wont leave
even if I gotta stick a chrome piece to ya dome piece, dont breathh..
they cold slugs from some OG's
we so thug in the pro cuts with the long sleeves
niggaz that raised me, they sold keys
some of 'em spinnin small face hundreds, the same colour as old cheese
I wont squueze, hoe please
I'm so cold when I breeth its a 20 below degrees
dont fist fight another round
big pipes sit right under my pin stripe button down
sit tight not another sound
I egnite another round
quick like lightening
put your click right underground
I hear you sayin some shit
but it aint true
you niggaz gang banging
claimin a gang that dont even clame you
I still do what you cant do, COB, circle of boss;s
we aint thru nigga

yeah nigga yo all know what it is,dynasty COB, circle of bosses nigga
crip or blood, cash over bithces, yeah nigga what
yo skee, lets do business man

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