On The Bus Lyrics


Illy - On The Bus Lyrics

Here we go
Yeah, life's a song it plays once through, true
So I keep my best days in my front view
Cause sure thing one day I'll be gone
But I don't want to live forever nah, I don't need that long
Look I just need like 15 minutes and a chance
Cause I don't wanna think man, I just wanna dance
With my friends, with my love, with a drink in my hand
With a full house rocking out singing our jams while

The beat goes on and on
And it plays and it plays and its gone
and it goes around, comes back around, it's been around but it goes
On and on so it plays, and it plays and it's gone
And it's all good, until that comes the beat goes on and on

Yeah, life's a song, so I write mine with love
And I write mine with truth til the life out my lungs
How they say youth is wasted on the young when our minds like bullets
Rounds rolling off the tongue
Hearts beating like you'd think it was the drum, so full of sweet melodies
We'll sleep when we're done, taking each ray of sunshine
Save it for when rainy days come, cause them rainy days will come
But for each one

On and on hey wooaaah wooaah hey wooaah wooaaah x2

Yeah, life's a song it ain't a run one forever
And the best parts in it are the ones sung together
So look, I don't wanna be alone, so play it through the speakers
You can keep your headphones
Shit I just wanna go, but you can come too
You can share my view, we can sing the same tune
All roads lead to somewhere, life's like musice
For each new direction you move in, never lose your roots
Cause its not what's now, it's what lasts
It's less about the outcome, more about the path
Cause life passes, blink hard, you missed parts
So look em in the eye and you speak from the heart
You're never what you aren't
No point tryna swap your voice for anothers
Laugh loud, love lots and dance like nobody's there to watch
Cause one day the song'll stop like...
But til then

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