Anti-Castro Lyrics


Brujeria - Anti-Castro Lyrics

El padre
Refugiado comunista
Calzones de guía
Pa los yanqui caía
En barco de llanta
Rezando por vida
En la tierra chocó
"American citizen?"
Hermano Cubano
En país Mexicano
Buscando salida
De ser comunista
Hermanos balseros
Mickey mouse marineros
Mi papi chingón
Me comió tiburón
México me liberó
Cuando Castro ganó
"No soy 'American'"
Viva México cabrón
Gobierno cubano
Por que tan culero
Con nada de nuevo
Aguantan o muero
Hoy soy! Anti-Castro!

The father,
Communist refugee
Underwear for a sail
To the Yankees he bailed
In a boat made of tires
Praying for his life
As he crashed onto land
"American citizen?"

My Cuban brother
On Mexican soil
Looking for an out
From being communist

Fellow inner-tube riders
Mickey Mouse sailors
My bitchen dad
Became shark bait
Mexico set me free
During Castro's victory
I'm not "American"
Long live Mexico mother fucker!

Cuban government
Why such assholes
With no new ideas
Deal with it-or die!

Today, I'm anti-Castro

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