Brokenheartland Lyrics

Hostage Calm

Hostage Calm - Brokenheartland Lyrics

Staring through the disconnect,
I felt my own in consequence.
?Neath the standing army of discontent,
I felt my own in consequence.

On a waiting train that wouldn?t leave,
I prayed these chords my soul to keep

Tonight, they won?t take me alive

?Cause there?s a song everyone knows,
And though no one sang a single note,
I can feel it

From the rumbling jungles of our self-defeat

To the sullen barracks where no one (dares to) sleeps.
On the battlefield of broken hearts,
I saw this world fucking torn apart
Just waiting for nothing.

Across the broken heartland,
We?re all coming out
Blasting the sound of the trodden down
And tonight we?re for it,
Fucking verse bridge and chorus.

No one knows who won the wars,
But we know something died.
Sleepless, workless,
Stuck in line.
Giving in for the first time.

We just stopped waiting
For someone to save us.

They tell me we got something to lose.
Like what, to whom?

I know you hear it too.

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