Jam On It - 12-Inch Vocal Lyrics


Newcleus - Jam On It - 12-Inch Vocal Lyrics

Yeah, jam on it
(Yeah, yeah, we know, we know)
(Yeah, Goggles, you gonna rock it, right)
(You gonna do it down, right)
Ha ha ha ha, yeah
(Hey, Cozmo, what's the name of this? Again)
(I forgot)

Jam on it
(Oh, Chilly B, get down, ho)
(Oh, oh, here comes Cozmo)
(We get to say wikki-wikki-wikki again)
(Shut up)

Three words to the whack, step yourself back
Just gettin' down, and you then you're givin' no slack
Like a Burger King with a sack of Big Macs
We're throwin' down with the radical sacks
On time, in your mind you see
You gotta boogie to your best ability

You gotta funk it up until it knocks you down
And when you're funkin' up, be sure to pass it around
Come on, let's go to work
We got what'll make your body jerk
Make you throw your hands up in the air
Shake your booty and scream, oh, yeah
'Cuz we are the Jam On Crew

And jammin' on it is how we do the do
We'll funk you up until you boogie down
So come people check out the sound
Check out the sound, check out the sound
Check out the sound, check out the sound
Check out the sound, check out the sound
Check out the sound, check out the sound

(Jam on it)
There's going to sound
They're going to get down
(Jam on it)

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chilly B
And I'm a surefire, full blooded bona fide house rockin'
Jam-On Production MC
If you want the best, put me to the test
And I'm sure you'll soon agree
That I got no force ?? cuz I'm down by law
When it comes to rockin' viciously, you see

?? Cuz when I was a little baby boy
My mama gave me a brand new toy
Two turntables with a mic and I learned to rock like Dolymite
Time went by, on this God creation
I knew someday I would rock the nation
So I made up my mind just what to do

And I joined with the Jam On Production Crew
So go crazy, go crazy, don't let your body be lazy
I said don't stop the body rock till your eyesight starts to get hazy
Clean out your ears and you open your eye
If you wanna hear the music just come alive
If you don't know how get ready to learn
'Cuz Cozmo's takin' his turn to burn

Take the C and O and the Z
Then they add M-O and the freaky D
Add a funky beat, and then what do you see
It's Cozmo D, yeah, baby, that's me
I've got the beat that's, oh, so sweet
Without me rockin' it's incomplete
So rock this, y'all, rock that, y'all
Rock on and don't you dare stop

You rock this, rock that, and that's a fact
'Cuz the Jam On Crew will rock your body right back
And give the whole wide world a funk attack
A to the beat y'all, get down
Let me rock it to the rhythm of the funk sound
From hill to hill, from sea to sea
A when Jam On's rockin' everybody screams
(Jam on it)

Jam on it, Jam on and on, on and on it
And if you're feelin' like you wanna dance all night
They go on ahead and flaunt it
?? Cuz jammin' on is what we do best
It's what separates us from the rest
And if you go deep, I'll cruise down for real
Let me tell what happened to the man of steel

(Said Superman had come to town to see who he could rock)
(He blew away every crew he faced until he reached the block)
(His speakers were three stories high with woofers made of steel)
(And when we boys sit outside, he said, "I boom for real")
He said, I'm faster than a speedin' bullet when I'm on the set
I don't need no fans to cool my ass, I just use my super breath
I could fly three times around the world without missin' a beat
I socialize with X-ray eyes, and ladies think it's sweet

(And then he turned his power on and the ground began to move)
(And all the buildings for miles around were swayin' to the groove)
(And just when he had fooled the crowd and swore he wouldn't fight)
We rocked this bet with a 12 inch cut called Disco Kryptonite
Well, Superman looked up at me, he said, 'You rock so naturally'
I said now that you've learned to deal, let me tell you why I'm so for real
I'm Cozmo D from outer space, I came to rock the human race
I do it right ?? cuz I can't do it wrong
That's why the whole world is singin' this song

(Jam on it)
Jam on it
I said jam, jam on it
As days turn to night and night turns to day
Whatever time it is I wanna hear you say

(Jam on it)
Jam on it
I said jam on, on, on, jam on it
Jam all around and upside down
And keep jammin' to the Jam On Production sound

(Jam on it)
Jam on it
I said jam, jam on it
I said Jam On is the funky beat that takes control
With a sure shot boogie that'll rock your soul

(Jam on it)
Jam on it
I said jam, jam on it
Get outta your seat and jam to the beat
And don't you dare stop till early mornin'

Jam on it, jam on it, jam on it, jam on it
Jam on it, jam on it, jam on it, jam on it

Yeah, that's how you do it Cozmo
You were right, kid, that's the way you do it
Yeah, like did you see when he went in the corner
And he started doin' this

Ah, man, this is too funky for me
I'm goin' home
Hey, Mergatroid, let's go
Hey, you fellas see

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