Monkey Business (Extended) Lyrics

Kors K

Kors K - Monkey Business (Extended) Lyrics

I'm aware of a big disgrace
Hoping that I'm not to late
Gossip has it, rumour says
Politics were not that mad

No one sees the liar
Any nation needs a fool
Most of us don't like it
What the finest ass hole do

Hey, it's crazy what you say
Do you think we would achieve?
Rubbish told in many ways
We should better not believe

Don't you hear the laughter
So ridiculous to see
Most of us ignore it
What the finest ass will do

Say, is it real
Is it really true
That you do, that you say it's no
Jiggery Pokery, no madness
I say, it is real
It is really true
What you do what you say to all
Let us call it

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