F(R)Iend Lyrics


Monasteries - F(R)Iend Lyrics

once embodied in
a casket of never-ending unrest
it comes to life
lost at the edge,
the edge, of the world.
free from my jaded throne
free in a form of sin
and the walls came down crumbling
aphotic airwaves
relinquish empty lungs
on your way to salvation
you'll pay the devils toll
the toll
and when there are no more eyes or souls to meet
we'll take refuge in these contagious beliefs
choke on the words at the back of your tongue
ill make sure you die alone.

i dug the grave
you made it your own
tainting the waters
animosity haunts your soul

submerged in this frozen hell
in a state of parallel

frozen hell
i am not him
i am not the fiend

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