Bobby Tanqueray Lyrics

Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive - Bobby Tanqueray Lyrics

I met him once way after midnight
he lit a smoke and I just stared
He seemed to me like such a sore sight
Bobby Tanqueray with his gorgeous face and hair

I never see him on the weekends
He rides the highways lined in bars
His search for fame and fortunes begins
Bobby Tanqueray he will not dismay thus far

Now I know he can be so
He plays his shows and away he goes

I still can't help but think he's out there
And he could use someone like me
And I would tell him but he won't care
Bobby Tanqueray can afford to wait and see

Now I know I can be so
He drinks his so for glimmering and go

I know one day he will be ready
He'll never take his hand from mine
We'll walk the land of milk and honey
Bobby Tanqueray And I will satisfy

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