Understanding (Acoustic) Lyrics


Seahaven - Understanding (Acoustic) Lyrics

Did you ever pray? Let me rephrase.
Did you ever pray to overcome
The circumstantial barricades?
Well I don't pray for even myself,
So I doubt that I'd do it for somebody else.
But I would have for you if I knew it would help.

So uneasy,
He doesn't feel respected for everything that he did,
Just fails to see, the world inside of my head,
The catastrophic difference.
"What about him?" said with such conviction,
Denying all existence.
I am the derivative so I will not cut down the root.

Did you settle for less. Let me reassess.
Did you settle for less than what you were blessed,
Toain from turning a home on it's head?
What a bittersweet method to maintain a
Structure built over your name.
As far as they knew you did not build a thing.

I found understanding. Can he understand me?
I found understanding, will he understand?

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