Girly Lyrics

Juli Fabian & Zoohacker

Juli Fabian & Zoohacker - Girly Lyrics

La la ley ley
La la ley
La la ley ley
La la ley

I'm a puzzle to complete
All men are lying at my feet
I work hard to be so neith,
So tell me something really sweet.

My little doggy in my hands,
I sure have the hottest pants
I am telling my white lies
To keep around the coolest guys.

Can you get the point at last?
Loving me is such blast.
Can you get the way I am?
Learn that fast' cause you're my man.

Wanna make it to your heart,
Getting closer to your soul.
That would be so cool
'Cause baby, baby,
I'm your fool.

I got reason
To feel it in my body
That I'm the lock and you are my key.
'Cause I am dreamin'
of floatin' on the waves
of love that's coming over me.

I always find an alibi
to wear high heels while walking by
I can spend the day in a shopping mall
Brad Pitt posters on my wall.

Buy me a bracelet, daddy, please!
Who will take me out to dance?
I'm dying for a wild romance.

You gotta give it to me, baby,
You got to give it to my soul,
Just listen to me, baby,
Can you get the point at all?

Don't count your kisses, baby,
Don't you talk to me at all.
I'll try to drive you crazy,
You gotta teach me how to fall.

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