Inanimate Lyrics

Abysmal Dawn

Abysmal Dawn - Inanimate Lyrics

The desire to feel is a common mistake in life
Degenerative will; slowly beaten down with time
You will not last when only the objects survive
You are consumed within the jaws of paradise

Casting out emotion there's no time to feel
Toothed cogged machines that churn maim and kill

You can't stop what's coming
You've known this all along
Join the martyrs that die for nothing
Or slaves that don't live at all

You will know peace when your foolish idealism dies
The vultures feast on your ultimate sacrifice

Fastening the tourniquet around your neck
Embrace tranquility in your last act

You can't stop what's coming
Now face this on your own
No violent new beginning
No tyrants overthrown

You have no time to bleed for weakness must never be shown
And you must not ever be caught in an action of love
The sickening reality that nothing will ever be done
Plagues us eternally and grows now out of control

Joined in our apathy; immersed in a festering world
You were not meant to be conscious of what they have done
Earth and sky cradle the disillusioned and abandoned souls
Cowering rats that feed on the shit and piss over the earth

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