Hello, Mr. Monkey (Live) Lyrics


Arabesque - Hello, Mr. Monkey (Live) Lyrics

I want him stopped now
Him and his whole label all of his homies, everybody
Anybody that rolls with him and throws up the H
I want 'em stopped right now this' bullshit
We can't eat out here we can't sleep out here we can't even think out here
Because everybody's bumping these muthafuckers
I'm gettin' tired of this shit
I said I want him stopped right now
I'm sick of this shit
Man fuck Mr. Criminal
Fuck Hi Power
Fuck that whole fuckin' label
I want these muthafuckers stopped
Man fuck these muthafuckers already
Man fuck Mr. Criminal cause the way he balls
I remember Mr. Criminal since the days of juvenile hall
Sent to isolation always cause there was writing on the walls
Fools they used to trip on him used to leave with broken jaws
Ese fuck Mr. Criminal I don't like the fact he came up
I feel he's talkin to me when he says "Step your game up"
Fuck Mr. Criminal I don't like him or his fuckin' clique
The fact he's so successful after all of these years makes me sick
Man fuck that punk I woulda ran up on him but he's always quick to dump
Always at his shows deep as fuck with some knuckleheads
One day I'm a catch him on a solo I'm a bust his head
Fuck Mr. Criminal one day I'm a fuck him up
Make some fake stories 'bout him maybe I can smut him up
Fuck Mr. Criminal I wish that I could shut him up
Fuck Mr. Criminal, fuck you too!
Haters screamin' fuck a Criminal, you ain't fuckin' with me fool
Fuck Mr. Criminal whose coming this original
Number 1 nationwide cause they love Mr. Criminal
Fuck Mr. Criminal worldwide they bang me
They ladies wanna rape me
They hate cause they ain't me
Fuck Mr. Criminal if you want it come and get some
Fuck Mr. Criminal if you want it come and get some
Fuck Mr. Criminal cause now he's on the radio
First he was with Nate Dogg now he fucks with Fat Joe
How the fuck's a finger painter on Power 106?
Every single song by him somehow ends up on the list
Ese fuck Mr. Criminal cause my lady likes his shit
My sister likes his shit, my cousin and my tias buy his shit
I hate the fact I sit inside my room; can't even write a hit
I sent a message to him one time and he denied my shit
Fuck Mr. Criminal I hate the label that he's from
I tried to get signed to 'em but his label left me hung
Fuck Mr. Criminal I hate the neighborhood he's from
Every time I'm in his hood his little homies beat me dumb
Fuck Mr. Criminal it's hard to copy how he raps
Fuck Mr. Criminal I wish that I could shut him up
Fuck Mr. Criminal I'm gonna fuck up his career
I notice he's successful now so now I'm gonna reappear
Fuck Mr. Criminal I'm gonna run around and make a DVD
Try my hardest to end the HPG
Ese Fuck Mr. Criminal I know when he's outta town
I know when it's safe to leave my house and come around
Fuck Mr. Criminal cause he didn't help me out
Fuck Mr. Criminal and everything that he's about
I'm a try to make 'em look bad that'll make me look good
Maybe after that I can sell some shit and do good
Maybe I can finally stop to hold the head on the game
Him and his whole Hi Power muthafuckin' Gang
His homie Capone-E yeah fuck him the same
And his labelmates look at their success in the game
Fuck Hi Power too I wish that I could shut 'em up
See it don't work we tried everything we could
We started this whole fuck Hi Power campaign and it didn't do shit
It blew up in our face it's like they like 'em even more now
What the fuck man?
Man fuck Mr. Criminal...

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