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Kenny Lattimore

Kenny Lattimore - Who Lyrics

who... yah yah yah uh huh
who saw you stumble baby,
who let you fall,
who gave you something out of nothin' at all?
who's the one for you to turn to,
when you're feeling low?
who's always been there for you,
darlin' you know

who's gonna turn your back on,
all that we had had?
who had the good times,
should out-weigh the bad
who took the vow that they'll be there
til death do us part?
who's is slowly diein' cause' your breakin' my heart
you know

I gave my love and it was from my heart
I can't figure out just why you tore it apart
why does it have to be this way?
I can't figure it out babe
I wanna know whos gonna love you like I do
and who's gonna be there holding you now...

whos can I turn to when I feel so blue
who can I run to,
theres no me without you
whos gonna be by your side,
since you walked right out my life
can't sleep at night,
keep toss and turnin'
and one, one can you tell me who


I guess I knew that you were satisfied
I tried to push those thoughts right out of my mind
I guess this happens,
when you don't deal with the pain
but if you come on back,
this way I'll give ya my everything again

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