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Rittz - Intro Lyrics

Dear Lord, thank you for letting me be here to see another day again
I'm grateful to be alive, God bless the souls that came in with I'm so lucky
To have a good family that loves me
Please let my girl know how much I love her
Sorry that we're both so unhealthy
I feel so guilty
Everytime I pray I feel like I ask her to help me
I don't pray with the hopes to get wealthy
I just want succes I know it sounds selfish
I thought I'm gonna screw her
I finally had the chance to fix it
I signed a record deal all these years
I wish I was more optimistic,
I'm really just scared
What if they don't like what they hear
What if I don't make a career out of music
What am I supposed to do then
I'm always getting jobs
I hate to see my face in the mirror
And I wrote about everything so many times
I don't have inspiration to spare
I barely even hear
I've been down on the road
And I feel like I've been gone all year
Even when I'm home there's so much pressure to be here
It's hard to feel like I'm all there
So many wish they could ress for a living
So complain about us it's unfair
Some days I feel like I've been living in a dream
Other times feeling like a nightmare
And I need some of my peers
'Cause I have a bunch of songs to write
And I feel like my future depends on this
Gotta rid myself of mirror plus these hand chips
Gotta get some confidence up in my paymentship
And I wanna dissapoint the fans who listenin
'Cause they expectin something incredible in the end
But that pain I'm nothing as I regain to get my strive back
I'm a went with them when I was a kid
When I was a kid my dad just play the guitar
Me and my brother would pretend that we was in a band
Musicians in my family dream to be stars
Only to condensate something that you didn't attent my music
Must've been playing the chosen one
So I'm a go tripping and go behind this sniper rock
Amen, song never came
Strange music
The life and times of Johnny Valiant

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