Skeleton Head Lyrics

Diarrhea Planet

Diarrhea Planet - Skeleton Head Lyrics

You've got your friends and I've got my job
Cuz I can't depend on anyone
And I'm so worried I won't see any rest
Cuz I'm so tired from being angry and depressed
Lost in thoughts about being lost
And wasting time watching the days fall
Under my lack of motivation and self-esteem
It's so hard to care when you don't see anything
Cuz I spend most of my days alone at home
Hiding in the dark behind walls of stone
A Skeleton Head
And there's too many ghosts locked in these halls
Invading my dreams so that I can't sleep at all
Longing for a conversation with a true friend
I'm stuck talking to myself
With nothing left to say in the end
A Skeleton Head

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