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Dark Fortress

Dark Fortress - Cohorror Lyrics

In sleep paralysis
Swallowed by
Nigtmare cataclysms

Cohorror builds its temple in me
Erecting hydric elevation
Under my cafaleptic skin

(...dreaming and dead - still howling deflance...)

Even in this gruesome revelation
The bottom drops from abyssal unreallity

Wrenching revulsion
Cracks my skull, kills me again
I know this epiphany
Wearing my own face
Who are you

Cohorror has laid its eggs in me
Parasitic larvae from beyound existence
Raven the remnants of my decaying humanity

This gnostic burst repels
All life to unbeing, the essence of death
Transmogrifies all
To the pitiless laughter of the birthless

How resinlient
Not to choose to life
Rather be
Consumed by us

You have a name
Long forgotten by men and their gods
Eat my soul
If you will, but impart yourself

In your worlds
We cannot be known
There's no Here
For us to ever be

If you desire so
To blindly see
Seek the path
That leads through the Eidolon

Into unearthly perplexity
Frozen in horror
My countenance stares back at me.

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