Smoke Rings Lyrics

Stik Figa Feat. L'orange

Stik Figa Feat. L'orange - Smoke Rings Lyrics

Lost in the wilderness, back from the pilgrimage
Fulfilled by the trill still sick don't a pill exist
To fix how I feel ain't a doc that can fill the 'script
Speak for I don't need a ventriloquist
Work reveals diligence, words reveal real intent
Can't kill the spirit won't kneel before ignorance
Just want to heal, that appeal to the militant?
Conceal cold steel, blood spilled for the innocent
Hang by the filament, against these casts of characters
Assassinate the booth, John Wilkes blast derringers
Laughing at my barriers amidst the mass hysteria
There's plenty parasites that bite, pass along malaria
Fair enough, but that ain't who it's written for
Suckers dissing from a distance wishing' they would visit more
Porch politician from east Memphis to Pigeon Forge
Had a good day but my mama still fixing pork
Raw, spit something, Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Crack jaws, snap bras, slap box, push buttons
Smack ya'll with padlocks, ya'll ball on a budget
Beamer, Benz, Bentley? We Regal, Caddy, Cutlass
Reconstruction, what's a goblin to a godsend
Drink from a goblet, Hennessey droplets
Speak turf Tagalog, how I'm not the top ten
Head in the air like and ostrich we not friends
And no I'm not recruiting, can't trust a soul in the world
That's why I act exclusive
I'm not an honor student, but promise that I'm not stupid
Fools will ask "how mama doing"
Then put you in trauma unit
That llama shooting, get in that way
I'm in the Bat cave spitting pen and pad ye
Still one of a kind I'm invented that way
Bite my style have your mouth looking like Trinidad James

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