Many Moons Lyrics

Lia Ices

Lia Ices - Many Moons Lyrics

You should go out, and I'll stay in –
My engagements are unrelenting
It feels as if my time's run out,
I think my clock dear, is just resetting

Oh, the winter it pulls me into its fire and I can't put out
The seasons change your eye color affecting how well you see me now
I'm no particular poet I just try to roll and figure out my line
But when the wind starts to pick up
I'd really like your hopes with mine

Talk to me long
I'll pull you out like a ribbon and
Wrap you around the base of a mountain
The vessel that creeps round the globe round the sphere,
Is coming to see us the same time next year
So speak to me strong, I know that you're scared to
But you got to unfurl, cause I have you just where I want you
Laying on this strip of dry land,
Drawing all that lines your palm into the sand

The feathers you keep in a vase in my home
Have made me a bird that'll never grow old
Mix and match plumes for patchwork dove
Takes me off a-yearning for the age of my love

And time feels unsafe, like an egg in a rose
Just waiting in the center for it's petals to unclose
So, I'll collect my years and you collect your feathers
Many moons will only do us better

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