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Various Artists - Honey Lyrics

What else can I do
If I can't tell you how I feel
Let me sing to you
About the special way I get
Whenever you're around
It maybe strange but it's true.
There are other girls I know
But honey, can you tell me why it's you
And onlyyou who makes me feel this way
I just don't know how
I would make it through without you.
But if your heart can't feel the same way
The way I'm feelin' about you
Although it's hard I'll go on my way
For I don't want you to be blue.
If you only knew
How much better Am I feel now
That I've let you know
I hope I didn't bring you down
But then again this song is just for you
Only you. oh honey.
Only you, yeah ooh

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Various Artists - Honey