~3~ Lyrics


Dsav - ~3~ Lyrics

It's dsav
Well I bet your wondering
What does three have to do with me we'll let me explain

Living this life living my life praying to god I can live it twice
I'm flying this plane will it crash
Will I achieve the riches I never had
Well I go platinum well I quit well I keep doing this for the shit
I'm not chasing there clout I got my own
I'm going to bust down these bars like a silicone.
I float like a butterfly sting like a bee none of y'all haters could
Ever see me. I roam through the smoke that nobody wants he thought he
Saw me spray him like a skunk
I named this song three because birth
Of the Womb I was like birth a cocoon

I'm getting the money the color is green
Everybody wants to be a part of my team. But I'm

I'm playing my part like it was a Scene
Like DC I am fly like fuck you mean?

If you mess with us bet you goin see
Because none of y'all can rep up to me
I grew up with nothing so we hungry so we goin eat slaughter defeat I
Am standing by toes all on my foes I am just
Keeping it real takin a steel ain't none of y'all real

Yeah superman made like I'm steal Dick in the pussy I drill Dick in
The pussy I drill boy can't you see Beating you down to your knees
Shots in your back Count it three put your soul six foot under deep
Walk in the door y'all quiet fat boy you're stuck in on diets
Grilling the beat burn it up yeah fry it Shawty loving the strokes
Knocked your head off I did not need a scope No Xbox no I'm not
Playing games like a crowd there going insane Tick-tock on the clock
Make your heart stop put holes in like rocks claiming She loyal you
Thought Getting the money a lot getting the
Money a lot Jumping the fence on the cops YEAH

I got a genie Wishes I am counting three been like I got the key Even
The blind could see I got a genie wishes I
Counted three been like I got the key even the blind can see

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