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047 - Forever Lyrics

Let's love
Let's live
Let's be together
Let's talk and let them know that it's forever
You my heart
You my life
Even that's forever
You everything I thought a girl could never be
Uthando lwami
Kuwe ntombi
It's forever
I wanna be with u
Nd that's forever
I know u always say to make a change is better
But baby u nd I
I know we can do better

You everything I need
And everyone can see
We just meant to be
I need u next to me
Let's love
Let's live
Let's be together
Ngoba uthando lwami it's forever
You're Everything I need and everyone can see
We just meant to be

Sekumzuzu sizasana
Mhlawumbi ndisis'nxama andaz
Ndinombono nje silusapho
Ulubambo lwam, Wena usis'thandwa sam
Thetha Nam Sthandwa Sam
Ndizindlebe zombili

Coz you everything I need and everyone can see
We Just meant to be
I need you next to me
Let's love, let's live, let's be together
Ngoba uthando lwam is forever

Ndithanda Wena Wedwa
Mna Ndifuna Wena Wedwa


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