Me Lyrics

Otis Rush

Otis Rush - Me Lyrics

Once I climbed up
Then I was shot down
Nobody helped me
They just messed me around
I love my woman
It's plain to see
The only true friend
I ever had was me

Up on the way
I had plenty friends
Whoa oh, I'm stuck below here
That's where it ends
I paid my own way
Gave stuff for free
'Cause the only true friend
I ever had was me

A nice little living
I made for myself
Don't need no handouts
From no one else
Talk is cheap
It can't ease no worries
It's your own feet
That take you down the road

But I'm not worried
My future's in my hands
I'll keep it together
I'm my own man
I'm movin' on up now
You wait and see
The onliest man
Who gave me a hand was me

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