Ain't Too Late Lyrics


Blvcktez - Ain't Too Late Lyrics

I don't really talk to a genie
I be making all my wishes to my God
I ain't trippin'
All them niggas broke
They ain't really got a vision like a blind man
Look at them trapped in the system
Y'all gotta hear me right
Don't get me wrong
I've had it rough but still I rise
I'm in this bizz
It's been a while
I've learnt a lot
Don't patronize, I'm a GOAT
Many rappers dead cause of me
I'm the main reason why they busy changin' their shit
I been try'na buzz like a bee
When I spit my shit everything gonna sting
Ridin' on a new wave like
I don't really give a fuck about a two faced smile
Everybody got their time
You ain't gotta take a rope when life gets hard

It don't really matter what they say
Know that what you give is what you get
It ain't too late
It ain't too late
To change your ways
It ain't too late
It ain't too late
To be one of the the greatest
It ain't too late
It ain't too late
Better know you gonna make it

Now what I wanna know is
If your ambition looking bigger than the ocean
If you want it go and get it
Don't let 'em haters be the reason why you stoppin'
And if you know that you are ready
Better take a stand and you ain't too late
Never really been an optimist til my nigga Ras told me stay positive
I started rapping for the fuck of it
But now everything changed I got the passion in
Shout out to everybody that be showing love to me
If you a real fan lemme see the confidence
I ain't never getting paid if you faking it
Fuck a fake ass nigga on some movie shit

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