Blueberries Lyrics

Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter - Blueberries Lyrics

Dandelions have gone to seed
It's my soul I need to feed
Trees stand so tall and bare
And here I stand without a care

Pumpkin seeds stuck in my teeth
There's something more I need to be
More than just a silly girl
Waiting for the sun to hurl

Rays of sunlight
Down the sidewalk, down on me
Casting light on
The turning leaves and what I'm supposed to see

Winter's here and settled in
Where are you? I can't begin
To imagine where I went wrong
Perhaps it was when I started this song

Rays of sunlight
Reflecting off the snowflakes
There are no more crinkly leaves
I need to rake

There's a chance
A chance I need to take
Birds and bees are here again
We haven't talked since God knows when
I like to dance with the sprouting grass
If it snows again, then I'll have to ask

Why the hell are
The seasons fickle just like you?
Rip my heart in half
I'll stitch it up if it's certain we are through

Junebugs, butterflies, sand in my pants
Midnight moon and those fussy little ants
You're here once more to try our luck
Well, I'm done with you, you sneaky little

Now it's over
There's nothing left for us to do
Besides acknowledge the repelling forces
That are me and you

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