God Bless Lyrics


J-Metric - God Bless Lyrics

God bless my depression,
God bless the road a step in
God bless the Reverend
With the strength to Guide souls to heaven
He's not a myth
Cuz how did I survive when I was 7
Drowning in the pool
In the 12 foot side
Eyes fooled to the element
I reached my hand
To see an angels
There was no deception
Nobody came to rescue me
But Jesus
But lately, I've been getting
Like Brad Pitt in the Revenant
Attack is imminent
Whos got my back
If I find a knife in it
Take five steps back up
Just to find
Yourself back in hell again
This stuff makes no sense
Like an eagle riding an elephant
How could you fly so high
But you're resting
Like the casket
Of a president
May the eagle turn its head left
Let there be peace
From the flag in its chest
As I pray America does its best
To put the one leg to rest
The war starts in our heads
Is the worst one yet
Is it our mountain of debt
Or Mount Rushmore
Poking its four heads
Now that's a forehead
Like one penny from Lincoln's mint
Four presidents assassinated since America was founded out of Violent Men
I know the panacea for all of this
The solution for Crimea
And topics of politics
The one who built your DNA
Proof that God exists

God Bless
I said, God Bless
Eh yo, God Bless
God Bless

You turn your back on me
Yes you do
But instead of saying
Mmm you
I say bless you too
This is my concupiscent
To deliver this message
God Bless the Child sucking from his mother's breast
God bless the chimpanzee beating his chest
God bless the bourgeoisie out in France
God bless grieving parents mourning a veteran
Who killed himself
In the bed
Bless the belt of a parent
Staring at their son Watching Clarence thinking
Cartoons don't teach kids any manners
Bless the person with goals and ambitions
But living amongst criminals and killers
That's a death sentence waiting to happen
In minutes
One bad sentence can get your life evicted
Like Words missing
I'm painting a depiction
Everyday living
Like Uncle ben up in the kitchen
God Bless the Child Support victim
Supposed to marry her and care for the kids but she cheated and wouldn't listen
And turn his heart into lithium
The same energy you give him is toxic and consumed and killing him
Battery for your dependents
His vision was of you
You getting the message
So come and stay for awhile
It's more than music and style
So God bless your every breath
And curse the enemies steps

God Bless
I said, God Bless
Eh yo, God Bless
God Bless

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