Plenty Of Fish Lyrics

Aaron Everything

Aaron Everything - Plenty Of Fish Lyrics

We just met on Plenty of Fish
And this is our first date
And you ain't really wanna come to the paintball range
But I had the voucher baby
I just want to let you know I love you

Damn Im bouncin' round like big bitches Willy Wonka
I got senstive hands so I slap her ass with my chanclas
I got 0 fuckin bands, I aint broke I just don't keep no partners
Runnin out of yo mommas house and I'm leavin a trail
I don't care about your documentaries, conspiracy theories or your dog
Sweet smells of ferbreeze when I'm sinkin a log
Damn lifes crazy
Bane really blew Batmans back out
Thinkin that we do the same on the rug of a crack house
What you say ma?
I got zero fuckin shame I wear her uggs to the tesco
Cus I want zero fuckin problems and a hazlenut espresso
I was abandoned as a baby
I barley got past the labia
Before my momma gave me up
Said boy you a problem
I said naw you just jealous ma
You greener than the goblin
Smookin doobies
I just do how they do in the movies
Ask samuel jackson to save me
Damn for all I know maybe I'm his baby
I'm sick of these snakes on my mufuckin planes
I must be a zombie cause I want the brain
Or maybe that cookie
I'll waste your time and your money
Like your da who never came back from the bookies
I'm afraid that when I drop this nobody gonna book me
I'mma tan and take some steroids prolly run away with snooki
I ain't playin
I'm take mortage out in her name
Buy a lifetime supply of the purest cocaine
And give back to the kids
If they gon sell them drugs then gon be legit
I'm the Irish Heisenberg
I steal yo wallet while your eyes on her
Feels a lil light how you gon buy her fur
If we gon fight then I ain't fightin fair
I'ma twist yo balls and throw sand in your eyes
Boy you so soft you take sugar on your fries
To these girls you a side
Until you shoot a text then you ass gettin pied
I downed a bottle of fish oil
Jumped from the roof of my crib
Noone was there but I swear I did a flip
And landed on my feet
Then I caught a ride with oj his jeep
I was there I was just in the back seat
I woke up in the station
They said aaron you arrested
I said nah I'm on vacation
I peed on my cellmate
Assert my dominance
I smell like a mix of piss and confidence
I got stabbed in the neck
For tryna teach them some tolerance
I guess supremacists don't like you talkin shit bout they fashion sense

Hey Snooki honey it's me
I got arrested again
I'll be out in 5 years just wait for me
Cause none of them other guidos will ever treat you
Like the queen you deserve to be treated like
You're my fuckin cinnamon apple, well caramel apple but you know what I mean
I love you babe, please give me a call back

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