Stronger Than Lyrics

Ryan Sambol

Ryan Sambol - Stronger Than Lyrics

By Tuesday my friends I'll be homeless again
Poverty is not a crime, but it'll be hard to prove by then
Can I stay with you, will you stay with me
Knowing the way I've come?

You can stand in the flat winds where the land is tall
Yes you'll miss what you left but that won't matter then
Can I live with you, will you live with me
As I am?

I owe money all over town but only small amounts
And only to the ones that seem to enjoy the times of rain and mud
Between drought and flood

If I'm around to find, hence when ya see me next
Luck's no good if you can't get some rest
Well I guess, if I may, I'll stay
And if I stayed right here would you leave me in peace?
Are you stronger than the strongest thing that makes you weak?

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