Skateboard D Lyrics

Donny Bravo!

Donny Bravo! - Skateboard D Lyrics

It's Donny Bravo bitch

Imma hop in the booth and talk my shit
These niggas know that's how I'm comin'
I can't fear nothing but God so guarantee that I ain't runnin'
Young wild ass nigga just tryna go get the money
Vehicle hit the train now the pussy a crash dummy

I don't know why they don't wanna see me shine
But I'm looking at my watch and it's my time
And I feel like TK bitch I'm on my grind
And they only pay attention if you rhyme

Niggas know that Donny Bravo got the scheme
Killin' shit when he on the scene
But don't let that boy pop a bean
Because he mean
Shit, just roll him up a blunt and smoke that green
If you knowin' what I mean
Let me hear somebody sing

Say I be so fly
Smokin' on that pressure got me high
Nigga I'm smoke this weed until I die
And I put that on my momma that's no lie
And you know I miss my niggas in the sky
I don't do this shit for me it's for my guys
And if a nigga want that pressure we gone slide

Nigga feelin' biggy you could say I'm on my poppa shit
Octagon signs up ahead but they ain't stopping shit
I was working at the store, Isle 4 moppin' shit
Now I'm rockin' shit just tryna see how fat my pockets get

Lil bitch I'm up
My daddy taught me how to give no fucks
And once I stick it to you, bitch it's stuck
Crime mob pussy bitch get buck
Everybody got some money get like us

Bitch don't hit my phone cause I ain't fuckin' with communication
I leave em' waitin'
I think that's why all my people hate me
I'm being patient
I see envy in these niggas faces
I can't be basic I don't like niggas like I was racist

I got the recipe it's in my sauce
Red light nigga do not cross
Walk the wrong way you might get lost
Feel like mystikal it ain't my fault
Bitch I came in here so I could pop my shit
Now come and get yo shawty off my dick
Killing all these pussy pups like Vick

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